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There are many reasons to sell laptop computers and other electronic devices to Cash for Laptops. By choosing to sell laptops that are no longer being used to Cash for Laptops you can get money back into your pocket for items that are just sitting around the house collecting dust. You can also save the environment by reducing your carbon your carbon footprint.
There are more reasons to use Cash for Laptops for your IT recycling. All data destruction is completed through both DOD and CESG software programs to ensure that no data is left in the memory of any device. Hard drives are destroyed completely by being put through a shredder. For corporate customers, Cash for Laptops tracks all collections and conducts a full asset report so that clients can be assured that there is never any data that is shared with a third party.

The UK government set forth the WEEE Directives. These are specific guidelines that regulate the proper disposal and recycling procedures. Any violations of the WEEE Directives are punishable by law. When Cash for Laptops purchases any electronic device, each item will be recycled properly according to this environmental legislation. Sometimes older items are refurbished and reused. IT Equipment that cannot be reused are broken down into various components so that they can be recycled and used to make other items. We remain fully compliant with the WEEE Directives.

Cash for Laptops is licensed with the Environmental Agency. This helps clients be assured that there will be no legal repercussions since IT recycling complies fully with all government regulations.

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