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How to recycle a computer ? There are only four very easy steps that need to be taken when choosing to sell laptop computers that are no longer being used to Cash for Laptops. You will add your product, preview your order, view the details and then confirm your order.
The first step is to add your gadget. There are three drop down boxes to select the type, manufacturer and the model of the laptop which you will be selling to Cash for Laptops.

The second step is to describe the condition of the equipment. Here you will let the IT recycling company know what kind of shape the equipment is in. During this step you will also indicate what other types of accessories may be included with the computer. In order to get the most accurate estimate on how much cash will be paid for the gadget it is important to explain the laptop’s condition precisely.

Once the information about the device has been entered, you will be given a price quote. Then you can choose how you want the item to be sent to Cash for Laptops. There are multiple options available. Once Cash for Laptops receives your device, you will receive your cash.

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